Wheelabrator Vaqua 92 - Refurbished - RF2104

Wheelabrator Vaqua 92 - Refurbished - Without Load End
This Vaqua 92 has been upgraded with Vapormatt components so it's suited to applications that require optimum performance for a high output.  Constructed in stainless steel, the cabinets offer advanced features to ensure maximum cleaning effect with good visibility and ease of use.
The wet blast process provides component cleaning, degreasing and finishing in one operation.  Compared with dry blasting, it is less aggressive, does not generate dust, can process components such as titanium without risk of explosion, reduces media consumption and leaves a clearner brighter surface finish.
 This machine has been upgraded with Vapormatt components, please contact the Vapormatt Sales Office for details.
Please contact our knowledgeable sales team to check the suitability of this machine to your requirements.  They can also advise you on availability, cost and delivery details.
All Vapormatt refurbished machines come with a 12 Month Guarantee.
Please note the image below is of a new Vaqua 92 with load end - this machine does not include a load end.



The Benefits

Easy maintenance Low cost Robust construction Easy to use Versatile