Lion Rotary

Lion Rotary

This large and robust rotary index machine offers a large working envelope for processing components on one of four individual satellites. With options to combine blasting, rinsing and drying, the Lion Rotary is well suited to components to vertically held components such as turbine blades. The enhanced controls makes the wet blasting stages highly repeatable and the high capacity throughout the machine make it an ideal wet blasting solution for companies with high volume production.

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Large and robust, this machine is designed to handle a range of vertically held components

Features include: 

  • Manufactured in stainless steel for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Improved surface finish functionality compared with conventional processes
  • Consistent slurry quality due to a highly effective filtration system
  • Low noise levels and an ability for operators to easily maintain a very clean operating environment are facilitated by the fully enclosed design

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The Benefits

Easy maintenance High consistency of processing Large working envelope Quiet operation Robust construction