Helping you manufacture safer medical instruments and implants with a wet blasted finish

When precision, confidence and accuracy are critical to success, you need to have complete confidence in the equipment you're using.

There’s no better example of an application that demands this level of exceptional quality than in the operating theatre.

Whether you’re manufacturing theatre-safe surgical tools or engineering patient safe, biocompatible implants – you need to meet the most rigorous standards of excellence.

That’s why manufacturers are increasingly turning to Vapormatt to provide wet blasting equipment that delivers the perfect finish every time.

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  • Reliably remove metal burrs and surface imperfections
  • Create perfectly uniform surfaces that are ideally suited to sterilisation
  • Accurately strengthen known areas of weakness to help prevent failure

Wet blasting gives you more efficient, repeatable and more effective production. And for high-precision wet blasting, there’s only one name you need to know: Vapormatt.

Discover why world-leading companies in high-tech sectors trust us for the perfect finish.

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We’re always improving. Always refining. Always pushing the boundaries. And we build our successes, incorporating proven designs and approaches and combining them with innovative thinking – so together, we can deliver the best possible instruments, equipment and prosthetics to medical staff and patients alike.

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