The benefits of wet blasting

The wet blast process by Vapormatt is valued for the control and repeatability of processing it offers users.

By mixing an abrasive (solid) with water, a slurry is created with compressed air giving an effective mechanical surface treatment for a number of applications.

With several process parameters available, the wet abrasive blasting process is far more controllable than alternative technologies and has several advantages from the addition of water to the process.

Key benefits that often make wet blasting a better solution include:

Reduced running costs

By adding water to the process, it gives users more control of the abrasive impact on the work pieces. Adjusting both water and air pressure can also reduce the abrasive media consumption, and by having the abrasive cushioned in water , it increases the life of critical wear items such as hoses and nozzles. This reduces time and money spent on maintenance when compared to other blasting processes.

Increased levels of cleanliness

Due to the simulatenous ability of the slurry to both change the surface profile and wash away any contaminants makes wet blasted components highly reactive after processing. By removing the top layer of scale, oxides, paints or material and then washing over this gives the nascent surface an extremley clean finish within one process step. This ability to give such a clean and reactive surface makes wet blasting an ideal pre-treatment for many products that require further plating, painting, coating or bonding.

Improved component finishing

The ability to work with additives, such as degreasing agents or inhibitors, can improve the usefulness of wet blasting machines by combining process steps. The water eliminates any static build up and increases the media flow over the work pieces, which improves the uniformity of the process to give more homogenous finishes. The improved finishes are critical in industries were consistency is key for the manufacturing process and downstream applications such as bonding or coating.

Increased process control and repeatability

With many industries increasing the requirements for quality and process monitoring, wet blasting offers in-depth control to its users. With some of the largest numbers of available parameters among mechanical surface treatments, it becomes possible to measure and control almost every variable in the process. With Vapormatt wet blasting machines, users can create optimum conditions that are then maintained in order to improve the reliability of the process and increase the quality of the products being treated.

Environmentally friendly

All aspects of the process are environmentally friendly, making wet blasting an attractive alternative to many surface treatments. The use of water improves the operator environment by eliminating any dust or the need for large and expensive filtration systems. No chemicals are required and the waste routes are easy to manage with inert materials used in the media and separation systems supplied to reduce the amount of waste from the process. 

To see how the wet blasting process could benefit your components, take a look at some of the industries we serve and their applications.

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