Vapormate - Refurbished - RF2202

Vapormate - Refurbished - RF2202

The Vapormate machine is designed to be compact and offer the benefits of wet blasting in a small footprint whilst also being energy efficient and achieving the best results using the advanced Vapormatt process, ideal for surface preparation of components.

The machine’s highly advanced and designed technical features results in the following benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Light weight hose and nozzle technology
  • Large aperture for machine footprint
  • Recirculated water rinse avoiding use of a permanent drain

The Vapormate uses the Vapormatt advanced pump and nozzle system and can work with a wide scope of abrasive media making the machine very versatile.

The process can be changed to match each application depending on media type and size and can be used for material surface prep.

Please contact our knowledgeable sales team to check the suitability of this machine to your requirements.  They can also advise you on availability, cost and delivery details.

All Vapormatt refurbished machines come with a 12 Month Guarantee.

The Benefits

Easy maintenance Easy to use Low cost Small footprint Versatile