Vapormaster 1717 (Lion) Auto - Without Load End - Second Hand - RF1140

Vapormaster 1717 (Lion) Auto - Without Load End - Second Hand - RF1140

One of our largest manual wet blast systems, there isn't much you can't process in the Vapormatt 1717.

With a maximum capacity of 2.5 tonnes and a 1.35m turntable, the 1717 is built around a rigid steel chassis and supported by durable GRP panels and replaceable rubber curtains to prolong the life of the cabinets.

The 1717 can also be automated and an optional radial arm can be added for more efficient processing and a powered turntable on rails to load those heavy components.

Fully customisable the Vapormatt 1717 also has a range of optional extras.

Please contact our knowledgeable sales team to check the suitability of this machine to your requirements.  They can also advise you on availability, cost and delivery details.

All Vapormatt refurbished machines come with a 12 Month Guarantee.

Please note the image below shows a new 1717 (Lion) Machine with load end.

The Benefits

Easy maintenance Easy to use Large pump Large working envelope Robust construction