The Decomatt system contains all abrasive delivery lines within the cabinet to completely eliminate the danger of leakage as a result of system failure.

In addition, the design minimizes space required which is at a premium in nuclear plants. It maximizes the equipment which can be placed within your decontamination shop.

The Decomatt pump mounts through the sump wall so that the pump itself is submerged. This unique pump features a packingless, glandless design and utilizes a water seal for long life. It was specifically designed for the Decomatt System and is not a commercial pump adapted for this purpose. Due to the compact design of the Decomatt pump it is possible to provide multiple sump units. This allows us to design and build large walk-in booth units in areas with low ceiling clearance.

For the decontamination of radioactive parts the Vapormatt wet blast process has been proven to work. Decomatt is fast becoming a viable alternative for many nuclear plants.

For more information, download the specification sheet below.


The Benefits

Large working envelope Limits operator exposure Reduces radioactive waste Versatile