1212 Barrel Machine - Refurbished

1212 Barrel Machine - Refurbished

This machine has a rigid steel chassis with GRP composite panels protected by internal replaceable rubber curtains and / or bonded polyurethane lining. 
Inernal dimensions are generally 1150mm x 1100mm x 985mm height above worktable. The work surface is a fixed, low level table with perforated GRP grid. The window is 740mm x 230mm double glazed and with auto wash/wipe.
There are two glove ports with cushions and arm length gloves. Replaceable from the outside. There is a swing barrel door fitted to the right hand side, with solid state electrical safety interlock.  Rinsing is via a mains fed, trigger operated rinse gun or a recirculated water fed rinse gun.  The pump is a high volume vortex pump with a solid urethane, glandless construction.  The pump is 4kw 3 phase, 2 pole IP44 DOL starting with overlead protection. 
The manual blast gun is lightweight with a urethane body, recessed air jet and 10mm diameter, Boron carbide blast nozzle.  The sump capacity is 78 litres and is fitted with a 2" BSP drain valve and a 1.25" BSP decant valve. 
The single integrated on/off control, simultaneiously operates pump, compressed air, window wiper and screen wash.  There is also an adjustable air pressure regulator and guage.
The user friendly machine interface replaces conventional blast, rinse and dry timers, accommodates the requirements for barrel processing, and incorporates a seven day timer facility for the automatic operation of the heaters, vent fan etc., fitted to the machine.
Please contact our knowledgeable sales team to check the suitability of this machine to your requirements.  They can also advise you on availability, cost and delivery details.
All Vapormatt refurbished machines come with a 12 Month Guarantee.



The Benefits

Easy maintenance Easy to use Large pump Robust construction Versatile